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Brief Overview

With the help of this course an individual would be able to earn valuable money in the end. He/She would become self-sufficient and would not search for jobs anymore. It will groom them so well that they would proudly present them as one of the strongest contender for digital media positions. It will provide Facebook and Google advertisement understanding and utilization

Why should you do this course ?

  • Learn How to advertise on Facebook and Google.
  • Start your own business today.
  • Earn Money through Projects.
  • Learn Online PR Management.
  • Learn Email Marketing.

Course Description: 

Module 1: 

  • Introduction of Social Media Marketing
  • Why it is important
  •  How Brands Utilizing in Foreign Countries

Module 2:

  • Introduction to Social Media Accounts.
  • Difference between Google & Facebook

Module 3:

  • Email Newsletters
  • SMS Marketing (Whatsapp, Line Etc)

Module 4:

  • Free Advertising tools
  • Paid Advertising Techniques

Module 5:

  • Digital PR
  • Online Publications
  • Bloggings

Module 6:

  • Quick SEO
  • How to be on Google

Module 7:

  • How to Utilize These Techniques
  • How to Start A Business

Module 8:

  • Pitching and Proposal Writing
  • Earning with Projects.

Who can learn?

  • Who is looking to be Digital Marketer in Future?
  • Who want to become Social Media Guru?
  • Who want to earn money through social media advertisements?
  • Who want to become self-sufficient?
  • Who want to earn technical knowledge?
  • Who is Jobless from very long time?
  • Who want to start his/her own business?
  • Who want to learn a knowledge which is taught no other place before?

What are the Benefits after Learning :

  • A person would be self-sufficient.
  • He would not be dependent on any job.
  • He can sell services online.
  • Can expand his current job and earnings.
  • Would be having understanding of the knowledge which is present at no other place.

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Only :  4,999

Or log in to access your purchased courses
Benefits after Learning

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  • Certification Training
  • Life Time Access to Training
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Our Skilled Teachers

Saqib Azhar
CEO & Co-Founder of Enablers
A serial entrepreneur British Pakistani,  investor Founder of Enablers with…
Faisal Azhar
Co-Founder of Enablers
Entrepreneur American Pakistani having 20+ Years in digital IT profession…
Muhammad Rauf
Business Operations Expert
Top-performing professional banker with over 15 years progressive experience in…
Faisal Javaid
Linguistic Expert
Linguistic Expert, who has been developing and honing an extensive…
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Q1: Please tell us about yourself? A1: I do business and always wants to learn the skills which increase my...
Q1: Please tell us about yourself? A1: I do business and always wants to learn the skills which increase my abilities and performance and like to find opportunities which can make you perfect, this is why I choose Enablers which really opens a new dimension for me.. Q2: Why you decided to pick Enablers for training? A2. :  To learn skills, to groom as well as increase my business and to find more opportunities. Q3: How has your journey been with Enablers  Please share your experience? A3: It's really nice to be a student of Enablers, all the trainers are very well experienced, helpful and supportive, Course is still going on and I’m very happy to new things every day, this course is really very interesting and very much informative and door opening. Hats off to Enablers Trainers Q4: Please rate Enablers on a scale from 1 to 10 A4: 10/10 Q5: Will you recommend Enablers to others? A5: Sure I will Q6: Please describe Enablers is one line? A6.: One of the best trainers who taught me "never give up"