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Ch Amn Ayub

Lahore, Pakistan

Today I wanted to show my progress after taking training from Enablers. I was selling on Amazon already but was not making enough sale. I decided to book some time with Saqib Azhar from Enablers

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who helped me to understand what mistakes I was doing in my listing – I optimised my listing based on his suggestions which then resulted into sales coming in – I am also attaching my latest screenshots. That day I realised I need a professional advise in order to be able to sell on Amazon as it was a money waste which I was doing when I was reading around from YouTube etc as everyone was saying different things which was making me so confused!

I then decided to Join Enablers 1:1 session which was conducted by Faisal Azhar – I must say it was an amazing experience I had throughout my 1:1 classes and cleared all my concepts, finalised my products and sourcing as well – I am so happy that I have chosen Enablers team as I now see clear direction how to take this business further. I am only graduate student and completed my graduation and belongs to Gujranwala but now we live in Lahore.

I recommend everyone whoever wants to do this business then must do it properly instead of wasting money and time and the best choice you have is Enablers.

If anyone have any question then you can ask. (below is my latest screenshot which is from my OLD product and I gave up on that but Enablers optimised it to make it happen!)

Farrukh Hussain

Multan, Pakistan

Assalam o Alaikum. My name is Farrukh Hussain Malik. I am from Multan. I had the opportunity of having 1:1 training session of Amazon by Mr.Faisal Azhar from Enablers three months back.

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I must say Enablers have worked not only hard but way smart as well to make the maths in the whole process very easy. They are not only training people for how to sell on amazon perhaps they emphasis over not loosing hope and they try their level best to maintain the high moral in students learning amazon selling.

The Support i get from Faisal Azhar n Saqib Azhar was Excellent! They are available all thr time whenever i need to ask any question. It is hard to find these sucessful Amazon sellers people who are available 24/7

I am now done with amazon account formation and all the steps needed to start selling and I have ordered my first product which will be live insha Alllah in few days.

I will recommend every one who wants to sell on amazon to avail the best training services from Enablers in Pakistan.

Abbad Farooq

Lahore, Pakistan

After taking training from Enablers I have hired Team Enablers to manage my complete Amazon Business since they are professional and know what to be done in order to get success on Amazon so I decided to use the best guys in town,

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they did the complete product discovery, helping in sourcing, management of my account and now alhamdulillah we are growing in Europe after successful launch in USA. I highly recommend if anyone is in need of managing their business on Amazon then Enablers is highly recommended.

Qasim Raza

Sialkot, Pakistan

I Started selling on Amazon since 20th October 2018 by using the approach of FBM but sooner I converted to FBA when I saw the big potential in there. It cannot be done all of it without the huge motivation

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I got from Saqib Azhar from time to time dose with “yes you can do it” “no plan b” and I focused on it to make that happen. The detail course offered by Enablers really boost my sales as it was taught step by step in such a detail and the support which was provided in their secret Facebook group & what’s app communication with all other sellers of Amazon was remarkable.

The Best part of the training was the it was all practical from experienced Amazon Sellers so it was worth a lot – ofcourse Amazon is a big ocean and lot to learn but I am confident that I have chosen the right path. I must say the product I chosen is not LIFE CHANGING but actually ENABLERS are life changing.

These results required to work really hard. We want to encourage everyone, especially those of you in a difficult and high volume niche, it is hard but once you find the right combination – the growth is exponential.

Aadil Irfan

Quetta, Pakistan

Finally cracked the 10K mark. Big thanks to Saqib Azhar and his team Enablers.
I am now doing this full time since i started. Big reason for the success was my product that now has 2 variations.

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1st variation was great in the peak season. Just launched shopify store and integrated it as a subdomain with my other WordPress site. Had the first sale there today. Sending out 1,300 postcards tomorrow to “our” Amazon customers directing them to shopify. Thanks Saqib Azhar or the nudges and help with shopify. Making mistakes I’m sure but working through them.
Launched a new product during the insanity of Thanksgiving. Lots of miscues for the first Christmas sale for me but doing well otherwise.

Shahid Ali

Lahore, Pakistan

The impact of being able to sell on Amazon is almost beyond words. I was having Architecture, Interior and Construction business but I always wanted to have some online business which will flourish simultaneously.

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It was August 2018, when I attended a seminar from Enablers which have changed my way of thinking for the online business to Amazon FBA business. I met Mr. Saqib Azhar for the detailed training at Enabler’s platform to get the knowledge for how things actually worked from start to finish. It was great training sessions with the best mentors and I should mention that it was practical training all the way. During initial training sessions I have created my Amazon FBA account and started sourcing products and by the end of training I was able to send those products from China to Amazon FBA warehouse in USA. Now I am a successful seller on Amazon USA by having my own brand.

I wanted to Thank you for your efforts to enable the people of Pakistan by helping them how they can start successful Amazon FBA business.