Faisal Javaid

Faisal Javaid

Faisal Javed


Linguistic Expert, who has been developing and honing an extensive set of advanced English language and literacy skills. As an IELTS teacher and trainer, he has invested in students and professionals through his knowledge & skill to empower them to attain the level of English language proficiency they desired.


Skills & Education

Expertise:  Creative Essay Writing, Verbal Communication skills, Critical thinking, organizing and planning.

Experience Level: 8+ years

Why Learn from Mr. Faisal

Completed Bachelors and Master degree from leading Universities of UK. Equipped with professional level of skill for providing the right techniques for attempting IELTS exam and achieving the desired goal.

From IELTS writing to University course works, he is actively helping students to achieve their required ambition through expressing ideas in best possible way in every field of study.

His aim is to continually provide quality tips, advices and lessons to students and professional for the preparation of IELTS. Currently delivering online webinars on IELTS modules and helping individuals from around the world.

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